The Community Foundation granted to Camp Invention, a summer camp geared towards making science, mathematics, & engineering fun!

The Community Foundation’s Unrestricted Endowment Funds respond to the ever-changing issues facing Whitley County. Twice a year the Foundation’s volunteer Grants Committee reviews applications and makes funding recommendations to the Board of Directors. Grants are made possible by donors who have instructed the Foundation to direct their gifts wherever the need is the greatest.

How to Apply

The Community Foundation directs grants to charitable projects that will make a positive impact on Whitley County and its people, with particular interest in projects that shed new light on local needs and provide innovative, long-term solutions. Categories of support include: Arts & Culture, Health, Civic Affairs, Recreation, Community Development, Welfare, and Education.

Unless there is compelling evidence that such support is vital to the success of a program meeting priority needs, the Foundation is unlikely to support: annual campaigns, political activities, private schools, advertising, religious/sectarian causes, organizations outside our service area, and debt retirement.

To apply online:  Click Here

Vanessa Bills, Chief Operating Officer
Community Foundation of Whitley County
400 N. Whitley Street
Columbia City, IN 46725