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Did you know that every three minutes a woman in the United States is diagnosed with breast cancer? If you think that’s scary, just imagine how it feels to be uninsured and unable to afford an annual mammogram.

Armed with the knowledge that the key to surviving breast cancer is early diagnosis, and that mammograms are the best tools for early detection, members of the Whitley County Giving Circle for Women’s Health have set out to make a positive impact for the women in Whitley County.

Launched in 2003, the Giving Circle began providing mammogram vouchers to local physicans to share with their patients in greatest need. Because of this landmark program, recipients who would not otherwise be able to afford this vital test are receiving free mammograms at Parkview Whitley Hospital.

We hope you will join us in the crusade to improve the health of women in Whitley County. The more support received, the more free mammograms can be made available to those in need.

Women’s Health Initiatives
The Steering Committee for the Giving Circle is currently accepting grant applications from 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, churches and libraries for programming or projects targeted toward enhancing the health and well being of females residing in Whitley County, Indiana. Grants will be awarded projects unfolding during the calendar year.

Grant Applications due December 1

To apply online: click here


To become a member of the Giving Circle, or for more information about receiving a free mammogram, please contact:

September McConnell


Valentines for Life

Honor a special person in your life by purchasing a “Valentine for Life” from the Whitley County Giving Circle for Women’s Health.

Your donation will help to provide free mammograms for local women who cannot afford and will not otherwise receive this critical cancer screening.  This year, let your Valentines be true gifts from the heart that make a lasting difference. To submit a Valentine online Click Here.  To download a valentine brochure and mail in, Click Here.  Each valentine is $5 and can paid by the following:

                • check (Send to:  CFWC, 400 N Whitley St, Columbia City, IN 46725)
                • echeck echeck
                • paypal donate